Phuket information - travel & local guide

Wichien J., Nov. 2012

​Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. About 540 square kilometres, from north to south is about 50 kms and can drive around the island. Just over an hour by jet from Bangkok or Singapore, and with daily connections to most major Asian airports, Phuket is ideally situated for a short break or a relaxing vacation.



​Year-round temperatures on Phuket vary between 21-34 ˚C. Water temperatures range from 26-28˚C. The high season, roughly November till April, brings consistently sunny weather, cool breezes and low humidity, with moderate seas.

Transportation around Phuket

Getting around in Phuket is easy. Most of the beach are small enough to walk around and most hotels are located close to the beach, restaurants and shopping areas. If you'd rather not walk, or if your hotel is not on one of the main beaches, your hotel can arrange for a taxi or tuk tuk.


If you want to go exploring the island on your own, there are plenty of places to hire cars or you can take the local bus. There are two types of buses - the Songtaew - blue open-air buses that run between Phuket Town (end at Phuket downtown market, center of Phuket old town) and the main resorts, and air-conditioned "micro" buses that service the Phuket Town area.

Driving around Phuket on a motorbike is wonderful - but it's also extremely risky as insurance is usually not included. To make sure, you must have a Thai or an International motorbike licence for make a successful claim on insurance in case of an accident.

One of the best ways to see Phuket is to hire a car and drive around. It's fun, easy and inexpensive. Our front staff is happy to help you find out more information about car rental company in Phuket.